Finques Feliu specialises in estate and property management. We are dependable, professional, proactive and take a positive view of life. We are a strong team and we always play on your side.


Joan Maria Feliu
Soci Director
Carles Subirá
Miquel Gimeno
Dolores Navarro
Pere Acosta
Desenvolupament de negoci
Andrés Martínez
Àrea d'operacions i qualitat
Alex Solé
Administrador patrimonial
Gemma Busquet
Administradora patrimonial
Dolors Usatorre
Administradora patrimonial
Mireia Riera
Gestora Àrea Comunitats
Virginia Martín
Administradora patrimonial
Mª Carmen Zanuy
Gestora Àrea Patrimoni
Antonio Riau
Administrador de Comunitats
Alba Valls
Administradora de Comunitats
Cristina Rincón
Administradora de Comunitats
Begoña Peña
Administradora de Comunitats
Tito Pérez
Administrador de Comunitats
Maite Andrés
Gestora Àrea Comunitats
Laura Mialet
Responsable Administració Patrimoni
Nerea Rodríguez
Analisi de negoci
Cristina Sanchez
Gestora de rebuts
Angels Jiménez
Responsable Administració de Comunitats
Jesús Grau
Community Manager
Olga Cusidó
Gestora d'Àrea Patrimoni
Marta Cornadó
Gestora d'Àrea de Comunitats
Georgina Rusiñol
Gestora de Proveïdors
Jordi Ginesta
Genís Tegido
Consultor Comercial Lloguer
Daniel Cortada
Administrador de Comunitats
Helena Pérez
Consultora lloguers
Yolanda Romero
Atenció al client
Ramon Rodriguez
Administrador Comunitats
Dunia Qiqlane
Gestora de Proveïdors
Adrià Esparza
Assessor Immobiliari
Tamara Gutierrez
Gestora de Comunitats
Nuria Turu
Atenció al client
Eduard Iravedra
Gestor de Conciliació
Mª José Molina
Atenció al client


1940. Jesus Feliu

Jesús Feliu founded Finques Feliu to manage rental properties built during the post-war period. Jesús Feliu became a member of the Governing Board of the Barcelona branch of the Official Association of Property Administrators.

1958. M.Lluisa Feliu

Daughter of the founder, she took over the office to continue the work began by her father 18 years earlier.

1958. Joan Grañén

He joined as Maria Lluïsa’s partner to help consolidate the office.

1960. Property Management

The firm started offering management services to residents’ associations, gaining a large number of developers and owners as customers.

1978. Xavier Grañen

Son of Joan Grañén, he joined the firm as property administrator. 

1984. Joan M. Feliu

Grandson of the founder, he joined the firm as property administrator and estate agent.

1990. Evolution

With the third generation at the helm, Finques Feliu evolved towards a stronger customer focus and the provision of value-added services, such as consulting, selling, rental, insurance and building maintenance..

2003. Carles Subirà

A property administrator, he joined the team and brought with him Finques Subirà’s customer portfolio.

2005. Ignasi Feliu

With a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a PLD from IESE, and a wealth of management experience in the banking industry, he took responsibility for tasks related with organisation, efficiency, technology and systems.

2006. Miquel Gimeno

He joined the firm and brought with him Gimeno Administradors’ customer portfolio.


A new service was launched, «Ull de l’amo» (The owner’s eye), in facility management.


A new office was opened in Via Augusta, 147.


Increased focus on quality with the recruitment of an operations manager.


Our team of real estate professionals, architects, lawyers and economists offers a solid customer- and market-focused, forward-looking services platform.



Asset Management

Via Augusta, 143.

08021, Barcelona

T. 93 200 59 79


Real Estate

Via Augusta, 147.

08021, Barcelona


T. 93 414 52 00


T. 93 585 00 00

Sant Cugat

Francesc Macià, 53.

08190, Sant Cugat (Bcn)

T. 93 590 34 65