2024: public benefits on housing in Catalonia autonomous region and Spain

16 | 01 | 24
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We began 2024 describing young people drawbacks to acquire housing. Today we answer in a more positive way: we will inform you about the different public aids to widen access to housing. 

Part One: Which administrations should we pay attention to, attending to its supply diversity, the different types of housing access and proximity to housing services?

First of all, to the city councils, access in this link to the Barcelona housing Consortium to the allocation for the rehabilitation or visit here this one destined to the rental.  These grants end on December 31, 2024 or when they run out.

Secondly, to the Generalitat de Catalunya (autonomous governement) through:

(a) Catalan Land Institute -click here to visit the INCASOL website-. 

b) Catalan Housing Agency -click here to visit this agency- (both agencies can promote housing developments throughout Catalonia).

Thirdly, the Diputació de Barcelona (provincial body): It coordinates public policies throughout this geographical area, but does not offer many developments. In any case, the local housing observatory - which you can access here - is useful if you work in the real estate sector or are a university student. 

Fourth, the Spanish government: specifically the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the Official Credit Institute. 

Part two: nine questions on the Public Housing Guarantee for youngs under thirty-five and families with dependent children 


1. What's the deadline can I apply for this grant?

December 31, 2025 -it came into force on June 27, 2023-. 


2. What groups is the mortgage guarantee aimed at?

It is aimed at young people up to thirty-five years of age and families with dependent minors without age limit with individual income.


3. What are the income limits for eligibility?

Up to 37,800 euros per year. In the event that the home is purchased by two people, the income limit will be doubled to 75,600. That is to say, the income of the two purchasers cannot exceed the sum of the limit established for each one. 


4. Which public bodies guarantee this guarantee?

The Central Government, on the one hand, through the Instituto de Crédito Oficial (hereinafter ICO in Spanish) -depending on the Ministry of Economy and Commerce-, on the other hand, through the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (hereinafter MITMA in Spanish). 


5. What is the percentage that covers the guarantee on the total of the mortgage?

Between 20% and 25%. It will reach 25% when the property has a minimum energy rating of D.


6. What percentage can the government guarantee in relation to the appraised value of the property?

The loan to be guaranteed with the credit line may be up to 100% of the lower value between the appraised value and the purchase price of the home, and the cost of the guarantee granted by MITMA will be assumed by the credit institution.


7. Can a maximum limit be established on the sale price? 

Yes, but the ICO does not set it because the housing competences are concurrent between the different administrations.


8. What is the maximum term that the ICO guarantee can cover?

Ten years, regardless of the loan repayment period and whether there is a grace period. 

We have worked to clarify everything about the public guarantee for housing. We want to finish this article being even more transparent, with this objective in mind, here is the link where you can read the official press release about this public program.

Whenever you need information you can contact us at this link.