Community of Owners

We administer residents associations. We take care of building maintenance with a tight financial management driven by efficiency, security, privacy, professionalism and transparency. We guarantee fluid communication with all owners and association presidents, because your peace of mind is our goal.



  • Financial management (bank reconciliation, invoices, etc.).
  • Communication with association presidents and owners.
  • Computerised handling of service calls. 
  • Implementation and follow-up of Board agreements. 
  • Management and follow-up of building work and renovations.
  • Management of faults and repairs.
  • Mediation.
  • Tax and labour management.
  • Insurance.
  • 24-hour service.
  • Access to Feliu online.
  • You can also contract our «Ull de l’amo» service
  • You can also contract our «Ull de l’amo» service:
    • Preventive maintenance. 
    • Regular visits to the property. 
    • Minor repairs performed by our own staff.
    • Monitoring and review of the property’s suppliers.
    • Presentation of a technical report on the property’s condition.
    • Technical advice.