How has confinement afected Barcelona rental market?

02|12|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

I remember few calls from owners who, at the last April beginning, wanted to know our opinion on the evolution of the rental market, and…

More ventilation at home is basic to be healthier

30|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Domus Serveis in October establishes the link between energy efficiency and…

We have new headquaters in Sant Cugat

26|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Now our headquarters in Sant Cugat are more luminous. We'…

The controversial comunitarian terraces regime

23|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

The March confinement highlighted the need for ventilation and the increase of life quality that the fact of having a terrace implies.…

11 FAQ's on gas inspection

16|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

1. Tips to prevent poisonings at home

From October to March we use heatings and ovens even more. These machines can intoxicate…

Dyogenes syndrom and animal accumulation syndrom

09|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

This text can interest you whether you are a: landlord, a tenant or a Real Estate agent. Loneliness is bad: it is a beautiful challenge…

Finques Feliu and Genesis Cycling Team together until 2023

02|11|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

In Finques Feliu we have three values: confidence, future and be positive. All of them guide us through the difficulties and avoid that…

Energy recovery for climatisation systems

26|10|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Today we welcome Domus Serveis a firm that will enrich our blog thanks to its…

European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2020

19|10|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

European Week for Safety and Health at Work is an opportunity to see where we are and look
to the future.

Is it…