What role can Real estate play in 'smart cities' developement?

30|03|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

We will begin by defining 'technology': 'a combination of theories, techniques, instruments and methods for aplying scientific knowledge…

Cleaning and disinfection are key points in owners' communities and at home

23|03|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

On the Covid-19: Finques Feliu wants to give support to the patients, to their relatives, express our sorrow to the relatives of those…

How can be built an storage room in an owners' community?

16|03|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

We will begin this text with a warning: you cannot build a storage room unilaterally and impose this action to the rest…

Pep Feliu: "The soft elements in a home are a confort synonim"

09|03|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Today we interview our interior design expert, Pep Feliu, to know about the soft elements proper use at home and how to adapt a house to…

Part 2: What documents we require to make a rent contract with us?

02|03|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

This article, unlike the first one, focuses on leases.

Part 1: FAQ's about sign contracts

24|02|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

1. Do I have to read the whole contract? Can I ask any questions about it?

You should always read every contract…

What implies the vertical property regime ?

17|02|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

As a real estate company, it is essential that we make the two main regimes of ownership of a building very clear. Last week we spoke …

What are the main horitzontal property traits?

10|02|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Today we will deal with all aspects of the Condominium.

The concept we will deal is found in article 553-1.1 of the Catalan Civil…

Public policies and Realestate sector must work together

03|02|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

Economic theory says that: 'free markets, under conditions of free competition and perfect information, are efficient…

What is important to know about individual meters of central heating system?

27|01|2020 | By: Finques Feliu |

A centralized heating system saves energy because, each homeowner pays for the consumption of his/her home. In addition, lower overall…